Thursday, 16 January 2014

KIKO Long Lasting Stick eyeshadow 8 Hr No transfer eyeshadow

KIKO Long Lasting Stick eyeshadow is a stick creamy eyeshadow that dries to a powder finish and lasts many many hours on the eyes.They can be worn alone for a quick makeup solution or underneath a powder eyeshadow as a base that will also make any eyeshadow last for a long long time.
They retail for 6,90€ at the moment but KIKO offer their products with lower prices all the time(their cost was lower some days ago but the offer finished) and come in 32 colors from bright ones to dark ones. The quantity of the product is 1,64 gr and the length of the actual eyeshadow stick is about 3,5 cm (when it's new).

I personally own 10 colors (swatched below) and I use them almost everyday on their own, as a base or even as an eyeliner since they are really long wearing.You may use them on the waterline also with no irritation effect at all.Their texture is very creamy and buildable and although some of them have a glittery finish after blending,most of them are very true to colour that you see when you twist them open.

The colours I own from top to bottom are from right to left: 28(LE contained in a Christmas gift set this year also),25, 05, 06, 04, 13, 17, 11, 33, 39.

Below they are swatched on my hand without primer and with no flash from top to bottom: 28(LE contained in a Christmas gift set this year also),25, 05, 06, 04, 13, 17, 11, 33, 39.

When i tried to wipe off the swatches above with regular wet wipes I couldn't even after rubbing for a long time.I had to use a cotton bud with biphase eye makeup remover to clean my arm.

Overall I would say that I love them and really think highly of them compared to many high end ones like Laura Mercier or MAC sticks that I also have (I think they are discontinued now).

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