Monday, 16 December 2013

KIKO Shine Lust Lip Tint Review

So since I'm a sucker for new lip products, I picked up recently the new products by KIKO which are called Shine Lish Lip Tints and are a lot close to YSL Lip tints if not very close.

They are 4,3 ml(0.14 oz) retail for 8,90€ each and come in 14 colours (of which I have 6) going from nude to pinks and dark violet.Their consistency is glossy, in some of them more sheer and in others more creamy and the feel to your lips is exacly like the one from YSL one,it gives you a cooling effect once you put it on and are a bit sticky and moisturizing to the lips.They have a straight and tapered spongy applicator which makes it easy to apply(especially on your bottom lip).

The colours i picked up are:

The following are swatches on a white piece of paper so you can see the colour exactly. The darker colours are more creamy and intense than the nude/bright ones and they stain the lips with the colour and the stain on your lips is there for many hours.You need to apply at least two coats to get the result of pigmentation and shine of each colour and although they feel a little heavy on the lips the result is absolutely stunning.
The following are swatches of the YSL I have in my collection(No.12/24) just to show you the similarity with the KIKO ones.

Overall I really like them(obviously since i got 6 of them) and if I could find a con it would be that in the light ones you need to take out and put in again the applicator a few times so you pick up more colour or mix the colour inside the container.

I would like to try the red colours also because they would be ideal for Christmas red lip!Hope I helped you in deciding on your next buy!

Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

MAC Prolongwear concealer

I purchased the MAC Prolongwear concealer when it came out and i have to say that in the begining i didn't appreciate it as much as i should.It is high coverage,thin creamy texture,really long lasting and the NC/NW shading system makes it very versatile for everybody to match. I use it mostly for my dark circles but also in any discoloration or blemish on the face and it works perfect for any of the above.

I am an NC30 in MAC foundations usually and although i bought the NC30 and used all of it(well not all of it because it went very greasy in the end and i had to B2M it), repurchased the NC25(which wasn't available until recently) and it provides a great luminous result under my eyes.I have heavy dark circles and usually i have to apply corrector (which in my case is the Giorgio armani master corrector) before the MAC Prolongwear to get the perfect result.

I set it with Laura Mercier loose powder which is a bit yellowish and this makes the area uner the eye even more luminous and prevents the product from setting into my fine lines (which i always had).My foundation regimen is as follows: i put on a primer face/eyes, apply foundation or BB cream with a flat kabuki brush,put my corrector under the eyes and let it set for a while, i put powder wherever needed usually in my T zone,apply bronzer/blush, do my eyebrows,then apply the MAC Prolongwear concealer and set it with my LM powder and then go ahead with my eye makeup.In the end if there is fallout i clean it nd apply the MAC Prep n Prime luminizer in pen form under my eyes going out and upwards towards the temples. 

My opinion overall on the product is that i provides a full coverage,creamy finish, matte when it dries result that i haven't found in many concealers until now.

Of course as in many things in life, it has a downfall which in this case it is the packaging.The pump bottle makes it impossible for you to control the amount of product you pump out everytime and this results in wasting a lot of product and messing the bottle with the excess product that came out.

I would highly recommend the product for all skin types, i myself am oily under my eyes, but if you have  dry skin you could firstly deeply moisturize before using it or maybe get away without setting it with powder on top.