Sunday, 18 December 2011

MAC Face & Body Foundation

So I bought this foundation with a lot of skepticism since I saw and heard that it was really light coverage,very runny due to it's watery consistency and expensive also.Here is my honest opinion on this: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!It's my new holy grail product,I have combination skin but not always and I need some more coverage due to bad skin(scars,hyperpigmentation,dark circles) however when I applied it with wet sponge and after layering it twice, the result was amazing!!!I had to set it with MAC Blot Powder for not getting too shiny after a while and it was perfect for a lot of hours.My shade is C3 and it really matched my skin tone and had a yellowish tone which I like for winter.I can bronze it up with a little bronzer if needed and it really shows of my blush in a great way.The price is 34€ but you get 120 ml of foundation when most other liquid foundations are around 30-40 ml and the price in high end foundations is around the same amount of money.Overall I think it's a very good foundation without showing that you're wearing too much makeup.

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